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Hand Forged Personalized Bottle Opener with Acid Etched Handle

Etched Handle 1
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Product Description

Acid Etched Process:

I am very pleased with how this experiment turned out. These bottle openers have patterns etched into the handles using acid and an enamel resist. Any number of patterns/text/company logos can be etched into the handles which are done before forging the bottle opener so that the patterns are overlaid with the same tool marks and mill scale that give forged bottle openers their distinctive look. Because the patterns are etched into the steel instead of painted this adds a unique feel when using the openers, I particularly like the repeating geometric patterns because they create a surface that has grip to it, similar to the knurled handle of a socket wrench though less aggressive.

Due to the versatility of this technique any image or pattern that can be made into a stencil-style image can be etched into the steel. If you have a custom image or message you would like to see etched into a bottle opener please feel free to Contact Us so we can discuss the possibility.

Bottle Opener Forging Process:

Forged from a single piece of 3/16″ thick x 1″ wide mild steel. After forging the bottle openers are tumbled with abrasive media to remove loose mill scale and enhance the aged/worn appearance of the opener. After tumbling and cleaning, each piece is heated to around 200 degrees Fahrenheit and then brushed with a classic blacksmiths finish comprised of beeswax and boiled linseed oil. The pieces are buffed and heated again before the final coat of pure beeswax is melted over the piece, once they are cooled to room temperature the wax coat is buffed to remove excess wax and provide a smooth finish. The advantages of the two part finish is that the initial coat penetrates deeper into the steel than beeswax alone, this is further aided by heating the steel, and by having the final coat be pure beeswax the finish is non-toxic and smells faintly of honey. Beeswax finishes are often used on utensils like skewers and meat forks because they are safe to eat off of. With regular use this finish should last almost forever, however if at anytime the opener starts rusting, simply buff the rust off with a fine grade of steel wool and apply wax to reseal. Beeswax is preferred but a paste wax such as carnuba can also be used.


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